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term & conditions

Goods returned which have been furnished correctly are subject to a 25% restocking fee. No returns will be accepted after 30 days of receipt of the goods. No return on damaged or open box items, clearance items, special ordered products. No goods may be returned without our permission or pre inspection if damaged. All Accessories and Trims such as Transition and Baseboard are final sale. All deliveries are to Curb Side. The customer upon receipt of goods must make claims for defects, shortages, or errors; we do not accept any claim after the delivery date. Claims on installed material is not accepted unless the one covered by manufacturer warranty. M3 Flooring is not responsible for damage due to incorrect humidity conditions during storage or at installation site. To minimize the expansion or contraction of all hard surface and resilient flooring, keep the room temperature on a normal and the relative humidity level of the home should be 45% to 55% 3 days before installation and after throughout the year. Is understood that we will not be responsible for any defect which may develop by reason of imperfect or damp surfaces or improper treatment of the materials. Colour match & Tone, plank sizes, Shin and product variation to sample submitted and/or supplies are not guaranteed. Availability and price of product is subject to suppliers. This order is not subject to cancellation if material or services ordered to our vendors. Cancellation on noncustom products will be subject to 30% cancellation fee of the contract or order total. No verbal modification will be recognized. Customer is entitled to the manufacturers and suppliers limited warranty and accept do not file any legal claim against M3 Flooring regarding material warranty issues. M3 Flooring take no responsibility for goods or makes no additional or independent warranty. Our Installation warranty does not cover building structure movement or damages. Late payments are subject to a 2% interest per month calculated and compounded on the last day of each month (equivalent to 24.34% per annum) and the maximum rate of interest permitted under applicable law, both before and after judgment until fully paid. Returns: Special order returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge. Custom made products such as cabinetry, countertops, flooring, roofing, windows, doors and window treatments are non-returnable and their purchase price cannot be refunded. A copy of this Proposal and Agreement must be presented to M3 Flooring at the time of any and all returns. Mediation: If Your transaction is valued over $10,000.00, You agree before taking legal action to participate in non-binding mediation using a professional mediation service acceptable to You and M3 Flooring. Entire Agreement and Governing Law: "You" means the customer set forth on this Proposal and Agreement for Installation and any attached or incorporated documents (collectively, the "Agreement"). You authorize M3 Flooring: 1) to arrange for an independent contractor, licensed where required by law to provide the installation of goods and services specified in this Agreement. You acknowledge that M3 Flooring will not install the goods listed in this Agreement, but will arrange for the Installation to be performed by the independent contractor. The Installation is limited to the description of work in this Agreement. It does not include any changes to Your electrical, gas, or plumbing systems unless specifically noted. M3 Flooring does not provide, or arrange for, any architectural or engineering services, nor provide or arrange for structural changes to any dwelling. You understand that the expected delivery date in this Agreement is an approximate date and is subject to change. M3 Flooring is not responsible for any delays in the Installation caused by unavailability of materials, manufacturer’s delay, the funding of any home improvement loans, changes or alterations in the work requested by You or required by applicable law, or resulting from incorrect information or measurements supplied by You, Your failure to do those things required of You under this Agreement, Your acts of negligence, acts of God, weather, fire, strikes, war, governmental regulations or any causes beyond the control of M3 Flooring. If You have claims against M3 Flooring for problems or defects arising out of this Agreement or the Installation, You agree to give M3 Flooring written notice within ten (10) days of their first occurrence or Your first being aware of such problem or defect. Responsibilities of Service Provider: You agree to pay M3 Flooring for the Installation according to the terms of the order. If Your property is subject to any covenants and/or other restrictions that may affect the Installation, You agree to let M3 Flooring know about them before the Installation. You agree to give the M3 Flooring access to work areas during working hours and to make drinking water and sanitary facilities available to the M3 Flooring or pay the rental costs. You agree to provide power to, and, as applicable, climate control in, work areas. You agree not to allow unattended minors or any persons under eighteen years of age on Your property or in or near work areas while the M3 Flooring is present. Pets must be kept under control and away from work areas. Permits posted by the M3 Flooring must be displayed at all the times. You agree not to ask M3 Flooring to perform work without a permit, if one is required. You agree that if You or anyone You control interferes with or delays the Installation, You may be subject to storage fees or other resulting charges. You agree any claims against M3 Flooring for problems or defects regarding the Installation must be made to M3 Flooring in writing within ten days of the date You first became aware of them. You agree not to assign or transfer this Agreement. You assume the risk and the full liability of assisting M3 Flooring with any work You performed in connection with the delivery of materials or with the Installation. Your Responsibilities M3 Flooring will complete the Installation in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, and ordinances. However, the M3 Flooring is under no obligation to begin or complete the Installation if it cannot be performed in accordance with applicable laws, codes, or ordinances. M3 Flooring may, at Your request, perform additional work to comply with applicable laws, codes, and ordinances, subject to Your and M3 Flooring prior written approval and for an additional fee to be paid to M3 Flooring. You agree that M3 Flooring has no responsibility for any injuries or damages caused to You, directly or indirectly by the Independent sub-contractors or the Installation. The manufacturer of the goods is responsible for problems with the goods themselves. M3 Flooring’s responsibility is limited to the Installation warranty described below (see "Warranty" section). Construction or Mechanic's Liens: If You make all payments as required under this Agreement, no lien or other security interest will be placed against Your property by M3 Flooring. If a security interest is placed on Your property by another party, it creates a mortgage, lien, or other claim against Your property to secure payment and may cause a loss of Your property if You fail to pay. In such a case, You may want to consult a lawyer about Your rights to discharge any security interest. Changes: Any changes to the Installation’s original scope will require You, M3 Flooring to first sign a Change Order that will become part of this Agreement. Any Change Order must (i) be clear in its scope; (ii) specify any additional payment(s) You will have to make; and (iii) specify any change in the anticipated finish date. Hidden conditions that could not have been reasonably determined at time of inspection at Your property, or conditions differing from